What is an IT recruiter?

An IT recruiter is a person who seeks talents in the world of technologies and helps to connect them with IT companies. In this article, we will discuss more about the skills that a recruiter should possess and the differences between working as a freelancer and in an IT recruitment agency.

Do you need qualification to be a recruiter?

Recruiting, unfortunately (or fortunately), is not yet a subject taught in universities. However, it is evident that to become a recruiter, you need to acquire specific qualifications. So, what should you do? The modern world offers numerous courses dedicated to sourcing and recruiting. The choices are limitless, and it all depends on the time you are willing to dedicate to learning, the depth of your knowledge, and the specific field that interests you (e.g., IT recruitment).

Whichever method of learning you choose for yourself, there is a common set of skills that a recruiter needs for their work:

  • High-level communication skills: You will need to communicate with candidates and clients frequently and extensively. You’ll need to act as a true psychologist sometimes to understand their needs. This skill is also required for finding compromises and resolving any conflicts.
  • Attention to detail and creativity: Searching for relevant candidates takes a considerable amount of time. When it comes to messaging, a recruiter needs to genuinely engage a candidate with their initial message. Imagine the number of recruiters reaching out to a truly exceptional professional. Your message should stand out among the dozens of others.
  • Understanding of the field in which you work: Let’s say you’ve chosen IT recruiting. In this case, you’ll need basic knowledge of different technology stacks, technical skills, programming languages, and so on. This doesn’t mean you have to write code, but you should deeply understand what your client specifically needs and whether a potential candidate can meet those requirements.

In reality, this list could go on for quite a while. However, to get started, it’s important for you to grasp these principles.

What is the difference between agency and recruiter?

The difference is evident. When working as a freelancer, you rely solely on yourself and your own experience. There are both pros and cons to this approach. On one hand, you can independently choose companies to collaborate with. You have the autonomy to decide when to work and what actions to take. On the other hand, you’ll need to build your personal brand to get more people to know about you. Sometimes, finding clients can be challenging. The entire responsibility rests on your shoulders, and there’s no one to turn to for advice.

As for agencies, it involves teamwork. Some aspects, like finding clients and all operational activities, are not your concern. You can be confident that you’ll only handle tasks in which you specialize. However, choosing a more or less interesting vacancy becomes nearly impossible. At the same time, you’ll have colleagues ready to provide assistance. Also, working in an agency typically ensures a stable income, sick leave, vacation, and even more benefits.