How to Make try hard guides wordle Clouds: A Step-by-Step Guide

Ever wanted to make your own creative try hard guides wordle cloud? Those colorful collections of words in different sizes that represent the frequency of words in a text. Don’t worry, it’s not as complicated as it seems. With a few simple steps, you’ll be making your own custom word clouds in no time to use on your blog, in presentations, or just for fun. All you need is a text, an image, or both that you want to turn into a word cloud, and free, easy-to-use software. Before you know it, you’ll have an eye-catching word cloud to share with friends or use to visualize data. What are you waiting for? Follow this step-by-step guide and you’ll be creating word clouds like a pro.

Introduction to Try Hard Guides Wordle and Word Clouds

So you want to create your own word cloud? Wordle clouds are a fun, visual way to represent word frequency in a body of text. By following a few simple steps, you’ll be making your own word clouds in no time.

Gather your text

First, you’ll need to source some text. This could be from a book, article, blog post, or your own writing. The more words the better, so consider combining multiple sources. Just copy and paste the text into a single document.

Choose your word cloud generator

There are many free word cloud generators online. Some of the most popular options are Wordle, Tagul, WordArt, and Word Cloud Generator. Play around with different generators to find one that allows customization of color, layout, and font to create the look you want.

Customize your settings

Once you’ve selected a generator, you can customize various settings like:

  • Shape: Circle, square, etc.
  • Font size: The more frequently a word appears, the bigger it will be displayed. You can adjust the range of font sizes.
  • Colors: Select preset color schemes or choose your own color palette.
  • Exclude words: Remove common words like “the”, “and”, “a”.
  • Layout: Spiral, circle, or square. A spiral layout works well for most shapes.

Generate and download your word cloud

After customizing the settings, click “generate” or “create” to build your word cloud. Most generators allow you to download your creation as an image to use on your website or for printing. Your dynamic and colorful word cloud is now ready to share!

Step 1: Head to the Try Hard Guides Wordle Website

To make your own word cloud, the first thing you need to do is head to the Try Hard Guides Wordle website. This free tool lets you easily create colorful word clouds from text you provide.

Once on the site, you’ll see a large text box. This is where you’ll paste or type the text you want to turn into a word cloud. The more text you provide, the better, so feel free to copy and paste poems, song lyrics, famous speeches, or whatever text you want. Just keep adding to it until you have at least a couple paragraphs worth of text.

Choosing your options

After you’ve entered your text, you can customize your word cloud. Select from different fonts, color schemes, and layouts using the options on the right side of the page. Want a random assortment of colors? Choose ‘Random.’ Prefer cool blues and greens? Select the ‘Sea’ color scheme. You can also pick a shape for your word cloud like a circle, square or star.

Once you’re happy with all your selections, simply click ‘Create Word Cloud’ at the bottom of the page. Within seconds, your unique word cloud will appear. Feel free to download your creation, share it on social media, or just enjoy your handiwork. Creating visual art from words and language is a fun, creative endeavor, and now you have the skills and tools to make your own word clouds anytime you want. How will you use your newfound talent? The possibilities are as endless as your imagination!

Step 2: Customize Your Word Cloud

Once you’ve selected your text, it’s time to customize your word cloud. You have a lot of options to tweak the look and feel of your creation.

Choose a color scheme

Select a color palette that matches the tone and topic of your word cloud. Warm colors like reds, oranges and yellows give an energetic vibe. Cool blues and greens are more calming. You can stick to a single hue or use complementary colors for contrast.

Change the font

The font you choose impacts the visual style. Elegant scripts or handwritten styles soften the look while blocky or futuristic fonts convey a modern techy feel. Mixing multiple fonts together adds interest. Just be sure to choose fonts that are easy to read in the sizes used for your word cloud.

Adjust word sizing

Make important or frequently used words bigger by increasing their size. This helps draw attention and gives hierarchy to your word cloud. You can do this manually, select words to resize, or have the software automatically determine word sizing based on frequency of use or other factors.

Add a shape

Word clouds don’t have to be boring squares. Choose a circle, star, heart or any custom shape to contain your words. The shape you pick should relate to your content or topic in some way. Shapes add another layer of visual meaning to your design.

Include an image

For extra visual impact, place your word cloud over an image. The image should be faded or blurred so it doesn’t compete with the text. An nature scene for an environmental topic or cityscape for a tech-focused cloud are some ideas. The image helps set the overall mood and context for your word cloud.

Following these tips will help you create an eye-catching word cloud that brings your words to life. Take the time to play around with different options until you have a design you love!

Step 3: Download and Share Your Word Cloud

Once you’ve customized your word cloud and are happy with how it looks, it’s time to download and share it! There are a few easy ways to do this.

Download Your Word Cloud

Simply click the “Download” or “Export” button at the top of the word cloud generator page. This will download your word cloud as an image file, usually PNG or JPG format. You can then upload the image to your website, blog, or social media to share it with others.

Another option is to take a screenshot of your word cloud. On Windows, press the “PrtScn” or “Print Screen” button to capture your entire screen. On Mac, press “Command + Shift + 3”. Open an image editing program and paste the screenshot. Crop it to contain just your word cloud image. Save the file and you now have your word cloud to use as needed!

Share on Social Media

If you have an account with a image hosting service like Imgur or Flickr, you can upload your word cloud there and get a shareable link or embed code to post on social networks. Most word cloud generators will also provide a direct link to your word cloud that you can share on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and more.

When sharing on social media, be sure to use relevant hashtags like

wordcloud, datavisualization or keywords related to your word cloud topic. This will make it more searchable for others interested in your subject matter. You can also tag the word cloud generator site you used to create it.

Sharing your word cloud on social media is a great way to start a conversation, gain valuable feedback, or simply spread visual information in an eye-catching format. Let people know the source of the data used to generate your word cloud and they may share it with others, gaining you more exposure.

In just a few clicks, you can download and share your customized word cloud with the world. Put your visual data on display and see how others interact with and interpret the information. Word clouds are meant for sharing, so spread the words!

Creative Uses and Ideas for Try Hard Guides Wordle Word Clouds

Once you’ve created your word cloud, the fun begins—using and sharing it! Here are some creative ways to utilize your wordle masterpiece:


Frame your word cloud and hang it on the wall as an decorative piece of art. The colorful, whimsical style of word clouds make them ideal for brightening up any space. You can also have them printed on canvas, wood, metal or other materials for a more substantial look.


Word clouds make unique, personalized gifts. Create a word cloud featuring the recipient’s name, favorite book or movie, or a memorable event you’ve shared. They will surely appreciate such a thoughtful, one-of-a-kind gift.


Use word clouds as a visual aid for learning new vocabulary or concepts. The random arrangement of words in a cloud helps to make new information more engaging and memorable. Students of all ages can benefit from using word clouds as a study tool.


For businesses, organizations or events, a customized word cloud is an eye-catching way to represent your brand. Incorporate your company name, logo, mission statement or other brand attributes into a word cloud to use on your website, social media profiles, newsletters, presentations and more.


Word clouds are a fun way to spark discussion in groups. Create a word cloud representing shared interests or experiences and use it as an icebreaker to get people talking. The visual representation of ideas will fuel an engaging conversation.

The possibilities for using word clouds are endless. Put your creativity to work and you’ll discover many innovative ways to showcase your wordles. Don’t be afraid to experiment—you never know what inspiring idea might emerge!


So now you’ve learned how to make your own word cloud and impress your friends. Wordle clouds are a fun, visual way to get creative and see familiar words in a new light. By playing around with different fonts, sizes, and layouts, you can create word art that’s uniquely you. The next time you have some extra time on your hands or want an engaging offline activity, give word cloud generation a whirl. You might just discover a hidden talent for design or gain a new appreciation for the written word. And if all else fails, you’ll have a colorful creation to brighten up your desk or wall. Not too shabby for a few minutes of work. Now get out there and make some word cloud magic! The possibilities are endless.