How to Blooket Join Game: A Step-by-Step Guide

You’ve been hearing all about Blooket lately and want to see what the hype is all about. Blooket is a fun educational game platform used by students and teachers in classrooms around the world. In Blooket, you can play interactive games to review topics in a engaging way. The games span many subjects, from math and science to history and language arts.

To get started playing Blooket, you first need to join a game. Joining a Blooket game is easy and only takes a few simple steps. In this guide, we’ll walk you through exactly how to find and join a Blooket game so you can start playing and see why students and teachers love it. Whether you want to join a game to review for an upcoming test or just for fun with friends, we’ve got you covered. Let’s get started and join your first Blooket game!

What Is Blooket? An Overview of the Popular Game Platform

Blooket is a popular educational game platform used by over 30 million students and teachers worldwide. Blooket allows you to create fun quiz games, insert questions and answers, add images and GIFs, choose game modes, set time limits, and track student progress.

To get started, head to and sign up for a free teacher account. Once logged in, you’ll see options to build a quiz, start a live game, view reports, and manage classes.

Creating a Quiz

To build your first quiz:

  1. Click “Build a Quiz” and choose a game mode like Quiz Show, Survival, or Gold Quest.
  2. Add a title, subject, grade level, and time limit. Select “Public” or “Unlisted” to control who can access it.
  3. Input a question and 2-4 possible answers. Click the correct answer and add an explanation if needed.
  4. Include images, GIFs or videos (optional) to enhance questions.
  5. Add additional questions until your quiz is complete. Save your quiz to access it later or start a live game.
  6. Preview your quiz and play through it to ensure there are no issues before using it with students. Make any necessary changes.

Once your quiz is ready, start a live game and share the game code with students so they can join in on their own devices for an engaging learning experience. With regular use, Blooket’s variety of quiz types and game modes will keep kids interested in reviewing materials and help reinforce important concepts.

How to Create a Blooket Account

To start using Blooket, you’ll need to create an account. It only takes a minute and it’s totally free.

How to Sign Up for Blooket

First, go to and click ‘Sign Up’ at the top of the page. You’ll be prompted to enter an email address – use one that you check regularly since that’s how Blooket will contact you.

Next, create a username and password. Your username can be anything, like your first name, nickname or gamertag. Make sure your password is at least 8 characters long, with a mix of letters, numbers and symbols.

Then, you’ll need to provide your first and last name. Blooket uses real names to keep things friendly. You can also add a profile photo if you want.

Finally, select your school from the list or search for it by name. If your school isn’t listed, have a teacher request to add it. Your school info helps Blooket organize leaderboards and giveaways.

Once you enter all the required info and agree to the terms of service, click ‘Sign Up’ at the bottom of the page. You now have a Blooket account!

You can start joining live games, competing on leaderboards with your classmates, and even create your own Blooket games to share. Welcome to the community – now get out there and start blooking!

Blooket makes learning fun through engaging games and challenges. Creating an account is quick and easy, so sign up today and see what all the buzz is about. After all, learning should be an adventure!

Joining Blooket Games – Step-by-Step Instructions

To join a Blooket game, follow these simple steps:

Find an Available Game

First, you’ll need to locate an open game to join. Ask your teacher for the game code to enter a private game they’ve created. Or, browse the list of public games on the Blooket homepage and find one that interests you. Look for games labeled “open” or “public” that anyone can join.

Enter the Game Code

Once you’ve found an open game, enter the unique game code to join. The code will be a mix of numbers, letters and symbols like “ABC123” or “#fungame”. Carefully enter the code into the “Join Game” field at the top of the Blooket page and click “Join”.

Choose Your Character

After joining the game, you can select an avatar to represent you. Blooket offers many fun characters, objects and animals to choose from. Pick one that you connect with or just think looks cool! Your character selection does not affect game play in any way.

Wait for the Game to Start

Now you’ll wait for the game host, usually your teacher, to launch the actual game. While waiting, you may see a list of other players who have joined. You can chat with them by typing in the message box at the bottom of the screen and pressing “Enter” or “Return” on your keyboard.

Follow the On-Screen Prompts

Once the game launches, follow the on-screen prompts and instructions to play! Blooket games offer questions and answers, races against time or other players, and more. Do your best to achieve a high score and have fun!

At any point, you can leave a Blooket game by closing your browser tab. To re-join, go back to the Blooket homepage and enter the game code again. Happy gaming! Let the challenges begin.

Tips for Hosting Your Own Blooket Game

As the host of a Blooket game, you want to make sure everyone has a great experience. Here are some tips to help your game run smoothly:

Start with a Practice Round

Give players a chance to familiarize themselves with the game type by running a practice round first. Explain the rules and objective, then start a new round so everyone can get used to the controls and gameplay before the real competition begins.

Keep Things Moving

Once the actual game starts, keep things moving at an engaging pace. Don’t make players wait too long between questions or rounds. But also don’t move so quickly that players don’t have time to make thoughtful choices or strategize. Find the right tempo to keep people focused and having fun.

Offer Help if Needed

Be available to assist any players who have questions about how something in the game works. Explain rules, clarify objectives or help troubleshoot any technical issues. The more players understand what’s going on, the more they’ll enjoy themselves.

Celebrate Success

Cheer on players when they get questions correct or achieve game milestones. Offer encouragement and positive reinforcement to keep motivation and excitement levels high. Congratulate the winner(s) at the end of the game.

Get Feedback

Ask players for feedback after the game to find out what they enjoyed and how you can improve for next time. Make any changes needed to create an even better experience for future games. With practice, you’ll get better and better at hosting fun and engaging Blooket games.

The most important things are making sure players understand how to play, keeping the pace moving, assisting anyone who needs help, and celebrating wins. Follow these tips and your Blooket game is sure to be a hit!

The Benefits of Using Blooket for Learning

Blooket offers many benefits for learning and education. Here are some of the main advantages of using Blooket games for learning:


Blooket’s gamified learning platform makes learning fun and engaging for students. The games motivate students to want to learn and participate. Earning game points and moving up levels taps into students’ competitive nature and desire for achievement. This high level of engagement and motivation leads to better learning outcomes.


Research shows that active learning techniques, like educational games, lead to better retention of information. Blooket’s fast-paced games require students to actively recall and apply what they’ve learned, which strengthens memory. Students are more likely to remember information and concepts when they’ve learned through interactive games versus passive lecturing or reading.


With a variety of game modes and difficulty settings, Blooket allows teachers to differentiate instruction for students of different abilities. Struggling students can play on an easier difficulty, while advanced students are challenged at higher levels. Teachers can also adjust question types, topics, and point values to best suit their students’ needs.


Blooket provides real-time data and reports to help teachers assess student understanding and progress. Teachers can see which questions students struggled with and view individual student performance. This data allows teachers to reteach or review concepts that students found challenging. Teachers can also use Blooket for pre-assessments to determine students’ existing knowledge before starting a new topic.

Adaptive Learning

Blooket’s algorithms tailor the gaming experience to individual students based on their answers and performance. Struggling students will receive more scaffolding and easier questions, while students demonstrating mastery will be presented with more advanced challenges. This personalized learning experience helps ensure all students are optimally engaged and supported.

In summary, Blooket takes learning to the next level by transforming standard review questions into an entertaining gaming experience. The platform’s benefits lead to higher student engagement, better retention, personalized learning, easy assessment, and differentiated instruction.


That covers the basics for joining a Blooket game. Now you’re ready to jump into a live game with other players and start earning coins, completing challenges, and moving up the leaderboard. Blooket’s fun games and competitive mode will keep you coming back for more. Give the different game types a try – you might find a new favorite. And be on the lookout for limited time events and special game modes. Most importantly, don’t forget to share your game code with friends so you can play together. Get out there, join some games, and start leveling up your avatar. You’ve got this! Time to get your Blooket on.